business angels

Join TOPNET, our Business Angels Network to receive pre-vetted investment opportunities.

We are passionate about helping to create and develop successful, initially small to medium-sized, businesses and also about ensuring that the investors in those businesses get a fair return for the higher risks inherent with investing in such businesses.

By registering as a member of our Business Angel Network, TOPNET, we will regularly send you business investment opportunities in unquoted UK-based companies. We will have satisfied ourselves that:

  • the business opportunity and strategy for realising it are realistic;
  • the management team is sufficiently motivated, honourable, skilled and rounded in experience to be capable of realising the opportunity;
  • the information supplied is sufficiently accurate and not misleading; and
  • negotiated a suitable investment structure to deliver appropriate security and returns to the investors.

As a member of TOPNET, we will also send you information on any changes and developments in tax-efficient investment structures and incentives available to investors into unquoted UK-based companies.

You will not be obliged, in any way, to make investments into any of the opportunities that we inform you about and we do not purport to give you any investment advice. If you wish The OnBoard Partnership to undertake any work on your behalf, we will create a separate client relationship for the specific work commissioned.

How do you join TOPNET?

  1. Complete our ‘Contact Details’ Form by clicking here.
  2. We will then send you a ‘Joining Pack’ amongst which you will be required to sign a declaration form that you are either a ‘High Net Worth Individual’ or that you are a ‘Sophisticated Investor’. This enables us to send you potential investment opportunities in certain instances without having to comply with producing a full Prospectus for the opportunity.
  3. When you have returned your completed ‘Joining Forms’, we will then send you brief details of the opportunities as an when they arise – usually by email.

Whilst we do not give investment advice, we suggest that no more than 10%-15% of your total investment funds should be devoted to unquoted investments – by their nature, the risks and rewards can be high.