Business Acquisitions

A successfully thought out and implemented acquisition strategy can dramatically and rapidly increase the value of your business. However, depending on which study you read, between 55% and 83% of business acquisitions fail to create value for the acquiring shareholders over time. In fact, in many cases it has led to a substantial destruction of value. Therefore, getting the acquisition process right is imperative.

With many acquisitions under our belts, both as agents and as principals, The OnBoard Partnership represents an experienced resource to help you:

  • Develop your acquisition strategy;
  • Search out and identify suitable acquisition targets;
  • Undertake pre-acquisition investigations to fully understand the opportunity presented by the target and the impact on your resources and business;
  • Negotiate the acquisition terms and control the process; and
  • Manage the post-acquisition integration process – the most important part and where most deals fall down.

An initial meeting is free, preferably at your business, following which we will advise you whether we can help; how we would help; and what it would cost. Our fees vary between being time based and goal dependent, depending on the nature of the work undertaken.