Business Sales

It is a well known cliché that ‘You only sell your business once’. Of course, there are now numerous examples of entrepreneurs who have sold their business, bought it back, sold or floated it again – and so on. However, it does not escape the basic premise that when you do sell your business, you want to be happy that you’ve sold it well. Ensuring you have done so is a time-consuming process and the ‘best’ buyer is not always the obvious one – in fact, it rarely is.

With many company sales under our belts, both as agents and as principals, The OnBoard Partnership represents an experienced resource to help you:

  • Determine what is realistically achievable from the sale process;
  • Prepare your company for sale to ensure the most likelihood of meeting your goals;
  • Prepare the Sale Documentation (excluding the actual legal contract of sale);
  • Search for, identify and approach suitable acquirers both locally and, if appropriate, internationally;
  • Familiarise the most interested acquirers with the business for sale and understand their buying motivations and the acquisition gains capable of being realised by each acquirer;
  • Negotiate the sale terms and control the bidding process; and
  • Manage adherence of the preferred buyer to the agreed due diligence and legal process and timetable.

An initial meeting is free, preferably at your business, following which we will advise you whether we can help; how we would help; and what it would cost. Our fees vary between time-based and goal dependent, depending on the nature of the work undertaken.