Raising Capital

We help to raise loan and equity capital for businesses from banks, private individuals and private equity investors.

The key to raising capital is to present a coherent, well-founded and concise business case that convinces the loan provider or equity investor that they will get their money back together with a rate of return that meets their expectations. The key to ensuring that the rate of return demanded by the lender or investor is the best available result for you and the business is to ensure that you have funding choices from a number of potential lenders and investors.

The OnBoard Partnership team comprise individuals who have worked in senior lending / investing positions within banks and private equity firms before acting for businesses, both as agents and principals, in successfully raising such funds. We can:

  • Assist with the preparation of the business plan including strategic advice;
  • Create (or assistance with creating) the business financial model demonstrating the quantum of funds needed, what the funds will be used for, and the returns that will be generated;
  • Identify and approaching suitable lenders and investors;
  • Familiarise the most interested lender and investors with the business and understand their lending / investment motivations and post-investment requirements / value-adding potential;
  • Negotiate the most favourable terms and control the lending / investment process; and
  • Manage adherence of the preferred lender / investor(s) to the agreed due diligence and legal process and timetable.

An initial meeting is free, preferably at your business, following which we will advise you whether we can help; how we would help; and what it would cost. Our fees vary between time-based and goal dependent, depending on the nature of the work undertaken.