Pre-investment and turnaround reviews and investigations

We undertake pre-lending, pre-investment and turnaround reviews, investigations and due diligence reports on behalf of banks, private equity houses and private investors.

With our combination of experience in private equity fund management, pre-receivership investigations, financial management, turnaround and profit improvement – we bring a very practical, lateral-thinking and rounded approach to establishing the viability and prospects of the target business. We also carry substantial professional indemnity insurance which we know is a prerequisite for banks and investors.

When you are absorbed in meeting the day-to-day challenges of your business, it is sometimes hard to see the ‘wood from the trees’ and look at your company’s position and prospects with a fresh set of eyes.

With our experience of identifying and implementing turnaround strategies, we can offer a practical independent perspective on the possibilities available to your company. We have undertaken these exercises for businesses ranging in size from £0.5m annual sales to £50 million.

We initially undertake a ‘quick and dirty’ review which, depending on the size and nature of the business, takes between 2 and 5 days. We then present a verbal report based around a bullet point presentation of our findings and recommendations. If you like the ideas that we are recommending, we offer to undertake a more detailed investigation to corroborate our findings and clarify our recommendations into a feasible and effective action plan.

Depending on the human resources available to our client, we can also assist by providing additional manpower to implement the strategy, profit improvement or turnaround.

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